Thomas Koy
+49 162 2089476

Marc Winkel-Blackmore
+49 178 5635459

Koy + Winkel Fotografie
Schliemannstr. 17
D-10437 Berlin

Thomas Koy

76 Born in Paris, France, German/Swiss nationality
77-96 Grew up in Munich
97 Moved to Berlin
98 Internship for Thorsten Eichhorst, Robin K. and others
99-00 Free Assistance to Sheila Metzner, Stefan Indlekofer and others
00 Started own business
06-now Freelance photographer

Lives with wife and two children in Berlin

since 05 Cooperation with Marc Winkel-Blackmore

Marc Winkel-Blackmore

70 Born in Düren
84 Bought his first DSLR, autodidact
90-92 Economy Studies, FH Cologne
92-95 Assistance and photographer for H.G.Esch,
Experience with large-format cameras
95-now Freelance photo artist

Several exhibitions in Cologne and Berlin
Lives with wife and two children near Berlin

since 05 Cooperation with Thomas Koy

Thomas Koy / Marc Winkel-Blackmore